Selling an Advertising Agency

Selling an Advertising Agency? Let Ashley Capital Group Guide You to a Brighter Future!

You started with a vision and worked tirelessly for years — maybe decades — to build a successful creative agency that has helped you support your family and realize your dreams while helping clients realize theirs. Now, you’re ready for something new.

Whether you’re moving into the wonderful world of retirement or transitioning into another industry or business venture, you must answer one big question before you take your next steps.



How do I sell my advertising agency?

First, it’s important to put aside your emotional investment in the company and think with the pragmatism of a business owner as you formulate a strategy and search for the right buyer. You’ll need an organized plan of attack when selling an advertising agency, from getting an accurate company valuation to drafting an airtight sales pitch that will inspire buyer confidence to developing promising leads to negotiating and finalizing a satisfying deal.

You’ll need patience and perseverance to power through what can be a long, daunting process.

You might also need some help!

It’s good to know that you don’t have to face selling an advertising agency alone. Ashley Capital Group has the experience, resources, and connections to help you get maximum return on your
investment and usher you into the future feeling fulfilled and financially whole.

As one of the country’s premier mergers and acquisitions advisory firms, we’ve helped with the selling of advertising agencies in New York , New Jersey, and nationwide.

If you have a creative agency, marketing firm, or other business that you’re interested in selling and want to find an ideal partner to guide you through the process — start to finish — you’ve found it here. Contact Ashley Capital Group to get started on building a brighter future.

Steps to Selling an Advertising Agency

Although selling a service agency can be a difficult challenge, with the right plan and partnerships, you can find satisfaction. Here is a basic outline of the steps we take to sell an advertising agency successfully.

Plan the Exit

Starting and running a creative agency is often a labor of love, done without much thought about the future. When it comes time to contemplate selling or negotiating a merger with another agency, getting back what you put in is not a given — nor is it a simple process. It’s crucial to come up with a clear exit plan and strategize how to execute it.

Evaluate the Business

It’s the most basic, yet all-important question: How much is your business worth? What are your assets and liabilities? What’s your annual revenue, and what’s the potential for growth? Prospective buyers or strategic partners will, of course, want to see the numbers.

Entice the Buyer

What non-financial factors make your business stand out? What gives you an advantage in your industry? Do you serve a particular niche or target audience, and do you have extensive experience and a long list of satisfied clients? Playing up your agency’s strongest points is key to generating interest and landing a motivated buyer.


Getting the biggest return on your investment requires leveraging bids from multiple entities, and with our network of contacts and years of experience, we are able to identify and entice bidders. When it comes to handling those bids and negotiating a deal, you want a trustworthy expert on your side who knows the ins and out of selling a business.

Close the Deal

The deal is not done until both sides have gone through their due diligence, and all the loose ends are tied up. From ironing out contract details to taking care of the painstaking closing process, the Ashley Capital Group team will remain in your corner and help ease your transition into the next phase of your life.

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If you’ve been thinking about selling an advertising agency, expanding your current business by acquiring a competitor, or negotiating a promising merger — but you don’t know where to start
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Ashley Capital Group has put countless business owners on the fast track to successful sales,
mergers, and acquisitions, in advertising and all of the following industries:


We’re proud to serve clients in New York and New Jersey. Wherever you are and whatever your goals might be, you can count on our diverse team of industry experts to tackle your specific business challenge with the dedication and attention to detail you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.

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