How to Sell A Manufacturing Business

Ashley Capital Group Knows How to Sell Your Manufacturing Business

Your manufacturing business is important to you. You have spent so much time and energy testing the waters, acquiring customers, improving operations, meeting safety standards, and so much more. But, when it is time to slow down, what should be your next step?

Whether you are thinking about selling your manufacturing company and moving on to your next venture or just retiring, there are many hurdles to jump from searching for buyers to closing the deal. It’s best to have experienced advisors to help you through the process. Fortunately, the mergers and acquisitions advisors at Ashley Capital Group have your back!

At Ashley Capital Group, we have advised countless business owners from New Jersey and New York on how to sell a manufacturing business. We also have an exclusive list of contacts from private equity firms and other buyers interested in purchasing manufacturing companies for good prices. However, offers usually don’t come flooding in without a complicated sale process, including due diligence from both sides of the deal.


Luckily, Ashley Capital Group is experienced in the buying and selling process for manufacturing companies. Here is a high overview of how to sell your manufacturing business:

  • Plan Your Exit Strategy for Your Manufacturing Company Carefully
  • Determine Your Company’s Worth Using Modern Valuation Methods
  • Keep an Eye Out for the Best Buyers
  • Effectively Present Your Company to Buyers
  • Negotiate for the Best Bids
  • Close the Deal

Although the process may seem straightforward, the effective and successful execution of each step requires expert attention to achieve the best deal possible. Contact the M&A advisors at Ashley Capital Group today. They know how to sell your manufacturing business!

Planning An Exit Strategy for Your Manufacturing Business

The first step in putting your manufacturing business up for sale is to plan your exit strategy carefully. Things to consider for your strategy include how you want to leave your company, who you want to take over, the value of your manufacturing business, and whether or not you wish to sell your equity as well as your assets.

In addition to your own preferences, the buyer you choose will also require documentation of additional data and should supply you information about his or her company, financial information, etc. With all these documents and steps necessary during the buying and selling process, it is crucial to partner with experts in the M&A field to walk you through the process and help get you a deal for your established or relocatable company.

With your manufacturing business’s exit strategy in place and Ashley Capital Group professionals behind you, you will learn how to sell your manufacturing business and get the value you and your company deserve from the negotiation! Call us today to learn more!

Valuation Methods for Manufacturing Companies

After determining your exit strategy, you must get a valuation of your company from skilled and experienced mergers & acquisitions advisors at Ashley Capital Group.

How Can I Value a Manufacturing Company?

In general, there are four primary valuation methods for manufacturing businesses:

  • Profit Multiplier
  • Market-Comparable
  • Asset-Based
  • Income-Based

Each valuation method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is vital to review those methods with your M&A advisors before agreeing to one over the others. They understand how to sell your business and can choose the best plan of company valuation to get the most from negotiations.

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Figuring out how to sell your manufacturing company can be a challenge that requires a high level of expertise and patience to close the deal. If you are considering putting up your manufacturing business for sale to start another company or it is time to retire, we at Ashley Capital Group can help simplify the process.

We have worked with companies in New York and New Jersey that are representative of many industries, including:

We help our clients design and execute their exit plans effectively, from company valuation and sale negotiation to closing. Our M&A advisors will guide you through the process and help get the highest value for your stationery or relocatable business.

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