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Strategic Alliances & Partnerships for a Successful Business

Once you’ve created and grown your business, you might ask yourself, “what’s next?” or “how can I continue to grow my company?” While there are many different answers to those questions, one of the most beneficial options is to get private equity investments to gain capital. There’s no denying the benefits of collaborating with strategic partners in New York and New Jersey to aid in the growth of your business — and we can help you with that goal.

Strategic partner searches provide companies with the ability to partner with other firms in the industry to receive investments in sales, service lines, operations, and working capital. Whether you have a small business, or middle-market business, taking advantage of strategic alliances minimizes risk while maximizing profits. When the time comes to find reliable sources to buy your business, our M&A advisors can help you with that, too.

At Ashley Capital Group, we are a national M&A advisory firm whose goal is to help business owners from New York and New Jersey to the West Coast sell their entire business or part of their business. Our advisors have access to a broad network of strategic alliances and partnerships that can help with the early stages before facilitating the merger or acquisition process. Whether you want to sell your business or sell equity in your business, there are a multitude of benefits you’ll discover from utilizing our strategic alliances and partnerships.


Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Generally, strategic alliances and partnerships offer a relationship between two organizations to achieve a mutual goal or benefit. So what makes this relationship so great? Strategic partnerships allow businesses to share the benefits of distribution, retail, general supplies, and manufacturing companies without being tied by legal constraints of ownership, private equity investments, and control. In strategic alliances and partnerships, every decision is made to benefit both parties, which is why they share various information, resources, knowledge, profits, and risks.

In strategic alliances and partnerships, the success of both organizations is taken into account, which is why it’s important to find credible and trustworthy partners. Our database is compiled with a network of professionals who specialize in strategic partnerships between advertising firms and marketing agencies, among many other industries. While your business might be on the right path for success, having strategic alliances will expose your business to new levels of growth.

Types of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships


  • What is the difference between a joint venture and a strategic alliance?


A strategic alliance is a mutually-beneficial arrangement consisting of two businesses acting as separate entities that work together to increase or enhance the performance of both companies. A joint venture, on the other hand, is a temporary strategic alliance wherein two or more companies link together as a single entity to carry out a specific activity, usually financial. Both partnerships are designed to benefit all parties involved. 


  • What is the difference between a partnership and a strategic alliance?


A partnership is a popular business structure wherein two or more people become co-owners of a business for mutual profit. In partnerships, all those involved are owners and are equally personally liable for any debt owed. A strategic alliance is a collaboration between two or more independent companies to achieve a common objective. Alliances force businesses, which can be competitors or companies with complementary products or services, to agree to every binding decision. Unlike partnerships, where all parties are equally invested in the actions of the other owners, alliances can fail when the parties disagree on business goals.


  • What are the benefits of strategic alliances?


In strategic alliances, two or more companies pool their resources and share in new knowledge strategies, etc., to aid company success. Other benefits of strategic alliances include: building upon and broadening companies’ current customer and network bases, expanding their repertoires of products and services, enhancing their positions in the market, and building credibility.


  • What are strategic alliance advantages and disadvantages?


Strategic alliances allow businesses to get a competitive advantage in the market through access to partner resources (capital, markets, technology, etc.). Allied companies gain knowledge from each other, focus on activities that best match their abilities, and benefit from collaborative interactions. While alliances can be helpful, there are some disadvantages built-in. Some issues include the inherent problem with linking companies used to handling business activities internally, organizational challenges, culture clashes, and financial disparities. 

Managing Your Partnership

It’s important to understand that in a strategic partnership, neither party is bound by ownership or equity; however, each organization, whether a small business in New Jersey, or a middle-market business in New York, will have a role for which they are responsible. Managing the partnership involves efforts that complement both parties until they see rewards — this might include helping with expansion, resources, and marketing. Strategic alliances and partnerships are a driving factor for superior growth, as they create joint value for both parties involved. These alliances are efficient and cost-effective ways to grow businesses — from technology companies to software development companies — and we have the tools and resources to get you there. 


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